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How to choose the right kitchen appliances

kitchen appliances

How to choose the right kitchen appliances

7th October 2015

Appliances are the ‘workhorses’ of the kitchen. They will make life and cooking easier – and the kitchen experience more enjoyable.

So it is worth taking the time to plan the appliances you will want in your new kitchen..

How to choose the right kitchen appliances

The most typical problem people face when planning appliances is that there is so much choice out there. How do you choose the correct brand and type of appliances for your needs?

The first question to ask is what do you really need?

Think about:

– How do you cook?

– How do you store food?

– How will you socialise in the kitchen


– Are you masterchef, an aspirational cook, or just cook for convenience?

– Would a double oven, warming drawer or steam oven transform your cooking experience?

– Do you rely on a freezer?

– Do you use a microwave?

– Would a hot tap make life easier if you use the kettle a lot?

– Do you store a regular amount of wine?

– What mobility needs do you have? This helps determine what needs to be at eye level.

We always advise clients to make two lists – 1: Essential and 2: Nice to have. This helps narrow down the choices and allow the kitchen planning to be optimised in the best functional way for you.

Managing the kitchen appliance budget:

Kitchen appliances are an investment. We always advise to choose a recognised brand leader, known for its quality, that has good warrantee programs, decent customer service and whose products rarely require servicing.

This will prove far better value in the longer term. Siemens, Miele, Neff and Bosch are all brands that we recommend to clients.

What are the differences between brands?

The main differences to look at are the price points and what you get for your money in terms of functionality, and styling and aesthetics.

A low quality brand may have an enticing price tag but typically will have a bad reputation for its quality, how it functions and poor customer service.

If you want help with choosing the right kitchen style for you then contact the design team at IPS-Pronorm in Richmond on 020 8891 0483 or book a design consultation at our kitchen showroom at  377 Richmond Road.