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How to maximise space in your new kitchen

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How to maximise space in your new kitchen

7th October 2015

Top of many a wish list in the home is how to create a light, spacious kitchen to maximum effect.

Whether you are working with an existing space or are extending and creating a new space – plan the space the right way, and you will have a functional, spacious kitchen that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Get it wrong – resulting in badly organised space – and you may end up with a poor functioning kitchen that is just plain annoying to be in.

To better plan how to maximise space in your new kitchen, consider the following:

1:How do you intend to plan to use your kitchen space?

Will it be purely for kitchen use? Or will it combine with living / dining room space as well?

With a trend for open plan kitchen living – it’s important to consider how you will use the space you have. What needs to be visible. What would you prefer out of sight?

These facts are important, in order to plan the space correctly and allow the correct proportions for each area.

2:Your wish list

What furniture and appliances would you most like? Categorise your wish list into two: 1:Essential and 2:Nice to have.

Most often, the wish list will exceed the space you have – so categorizing it makes it easier to plan for.

Will you need a breakfast bar area? What about seating requirements? Would an island work with your space?

Think about how you use the space throughout the day – and what would make it a thoroughly enjoyable space to cook and relax in.

3:Space saving ideas

There are many neat tricks in modern kitchen design that help to maximise space. Space-saving units such as drawer combination, corner cupboards or larder centres.

The drawer once just had a modest purpose for  smaller items. Now, drawers can be a major storage component. They can be wide, deep and cleverly divided.

Larder centres are back in fashion as families experiment far more with what they eat and cook with. Large food deliveries from online shopping can be easily stored away.

And even a modest cupboard can have a distinct purpose. One bespoke request we fulfilled was for a ‘baking station’! A neat slide-out cupboard unit stored all the client’s baking products and equipment (plugged in ready to use), with a pull-up shelf for her to work on. This meant everything was to hand when she wanted to bake. And neatly stored away too.

What to do next

Take the time to consider the above and compile your wish list. Once you have your basic ideas in place, then let us help to create your kitchen world.

We bring 25 years kitchen design experience to the table and supply German pronorm kitchens – engineering excellence at a great price.

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