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How to plan your kitchen budget wisely

planning your kitchen budget

How to plan your kitchen budget wisely

7th October 2015

Typically, the biggest problem people face when planning their kitchen budget is underestimating costs. Don’t worry – it’s easy to happen.

Kitchens are not something you install regularly, so if this is the first time you are planning such a room – or it’s been many years since your last kitchen refit – understandably you may:

– Have unrealistic expectations about what you want and need

– Not fully understanding the cost of things

– Not do enough product research

TV shows don’t always help either! Many cooking programmes excel at showing dream kitchen settings – but they can present unrealistic ideas.

3 important facts to consider about how to plan your kitchen budget wisely:

1 – What is the absolute maximum amount you are willing to spend?

It doesn’t mean you have to spend this amount, but it’s the only way a kitchen designer can advise and design the best possible kitchen and combination of products for you – that will be within your budget.

2 – Make sure the budget is in proportion to the property the kitchen is intended for

For example, if it’s

– The home you plan to live in, you will want the new kitchen to last at least 10 years – so it’s an investment that you want to get right.

– A property you are planning to sell soon – consider if you are spending enough to recoup for a good house sale

– A property that you plan to rent out – are you over/ under spending in relation to the type of rental?

3 – Keep it real!

Be realistic about what certain materials can cost. That stainless steel range may look the part – but it may also come with a hefty price tag. Sometimes, less is more. When clients visit our showroom, we are thorough in the questions we ask.

This is because time can be wasted – and dreams disappointed – if you don’t plan your budget first.

A good budget will result in the dream kitchen that will function as it should and be enjoyed for many years to come.

For help with maximising what you can do with the budget you have book a consultation with the kitchen design team at IPS-Pronorm in Richmond.