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How to start planning your new kitchen

planning your kitchen

How to start planning your new kitchen

7th October 2015

A decent quality kitchen can significantly impact on your life for the better. Cooking, eating and socialising at home can all be so much more enjoyable.

That’s why it’s important to plan your kitchen properly.

Rushed decisions, taking poor advice and inferior quality products can soon result in being a huge waste of money – and a big disappointment to live with.

Where to start planning:

The most typical problem people face when planning a new kitchen is maximising space – how to fit all of the required elements for a functionable kitchen into a finite space.

And with so much choice driving expectations for what should be in a kitchen – the ‘desire’ list can soon grow and impact on being able to make wise decisions.

So, let’s take a step back and think of the TWO most important questions to ask yourself:

Important question ONE: ‘What do I realistically need – and what can I do without?’

For example, there is no point in having multiple ovens if you don’t cook. Or a steam oven if you buy convenience food.

What needs to be practical? What needs to function well? What will make you happy each time you look at /use it?

Make two lists: 1:Essential and 2:Nice to have. This will kick-start the plan for a functional and aspirational new kitchen.

Important question TWO: What is your budget?

Rarely does anyone have an unlimited budget, so start by defining a realistic budget in order to plan your new kitchen.

For a decent quality kitchen, German designs are often most sought after for their quality of engineering, style and longevity. Historically, they used to be the most expensive, but brands have become far more competitive in recent years.

As you start to plan your kitchen, browse different kitchen designs and compare price points for:

– Like for like comparison of quality
– Flexibility – availability of the finishes, colours, unit sizes and types available, to tailor fit your space

Once you can define what you really need and the budget you have to work with, you can start to consider the trends, styles, practicality and functionality on offer.

This is also a good time to book an appointment at a showroom as you will have definite ideas to work with.


At IPS-Pronorm in Richmond we design, supply and fit kitchens using German excellence Pronorm kitchens. If you would like to explore your initial kitchen planning ideas with us, then book a time to visit our kitchen showroom in Richmond upon Thames.