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How to choose a kitchen style


How to choose a kitchen style

7th October 2015

The kitchen is the hub of the home – the room that says ‘home’ as soon as you walk through the door. It is also probably the most expensive room to furnish.

So you want to get every detail right.

With a huge amount of kitchen styles to choose from,  what should be an enjoyable and fun process can soon become overwhelming!

So how do you go about choosing the right kitchen style for you?

Follow this 10 step guide to help give you better clarity and purpose for what you want to achieve:

1: Design is subjective – and everyone is different

You need to have an idea of what you like – and what you don’t like. Look in magazines and browse online. Start to categorise ideas whether that be a simple cutting out of images, or if you use social media – using a tool like Pinterest.

2: Functionality

Think about how you currently work in your kitchen. What is enjoyable? What is easy to access and use? What frustrates you? What would make being and working in the kitchen so much better?

Categorise the functions you need into 1:Essential and 2:Nice to have. The style of kitchen you choose should see functionality maximised around the space that you have.

3: Storage

Think about how you store food and drink. And all your cooking utensils, crockery, glasses and cutlery. How much storage space do you need? How could drawers and cupboards be best used? What do you like to have on show? What do you like to be hidden from view?

4: Door and drawer styles

What are you most drawn too – traditional or contemporary style? Handleless or with handles. Colour or wood? Matt or gloss?

How would you like a door to function? Swing open, flip up, slide or fold? Are there any awkward areas doors need to fit?

Drawer styles have changed dramatically in recent years – becoming a decent sized storage space.  Would bigger drawers work better than some cupboards?

5: Worktops and splashback choices

The vast number of colour options now available for kitchen units, worktops, tiles and splashbacks, lets you personalise your kitchen as you like. Plan how all the elements will work in harmony together – to create the perfect feel in your kitchen.

6: Lighting

Natural light and artificial light needs to aid functionality and create mood. Think through how your kitchen space will work, and the amount of light each area will need.

7: Flooring

Kitchen flooring generally has a tough job to do managing foot traffic, spills and stains – whilst looking stylish, clean and being healthy. Consider your lifestyle. Style and substance should work in equal measure for wear and tear, and ease of keeping clean.

8: Wall finishes

A finishing touch to harmonise with the overall design. Bear in mind wear and tear when choosing a colour – the kitchen is an active room to live in.

9: Try not to be afraid of ideas

Yes, it can be hard to visualise colours, textures and shapes working together – that is why we as kitchen designers are here to guide you. As a starting point, go with your instinct on what really appeals to you. As you work through the process of choosing a style, the picture of what will work / won’t work will take shape.

10:Arrange a meeting with a kitchen designer

Choosing the right style of kitchen may take time, but with the right guidance, the elimination process can be so much quicker, so you are then choosing from a select number of style ideas that will work.

The more we understand about your personality and lifestyle, we can often suggest style options that will meet with specific needs and space.

Ideas you may never have thought of – but will have friends saying, ‘LOVE that, how did you think of that idea’!

If you want help with choosing the right kitchen style for you then contact the design team at IPS-Pronorm in Richmond on 020 8891 0483 or book a design consultation at our kitchen showroom at  377 Richmond Road.